tabsSpecial thanks to all of the authors who participated in the Book Signings at Carlisles for the 2013 TABS Festival!



Evelyn is the author of “Ashtabula People and Places” using some of the photography of Richard E. Stoner show some of the history and people of Ashtabula.  Evelyn has also co-authored Capturing the Moment Forty years as a Cleveland Photojournalist with Theodore Ocepek


Through his years of photojournalists, Ted covered most of the major events during one of the most tumultuous periods of the 20th century.  In his co authored book with Evelyn Schaeffer, “Capturing the Moment”, Ted shares his insights on Cleveland ad on the news business, including the evolution in technology from still cameras to instant satellite transmission, and the growth of today’s ultra marketed, ultra competitive news cycle.


Author “Small Shoes Outgrowing Old Relationships & Finding the Right Fit.”   Along with acing Camille is pursuing screenwriting and producing and is currently working on a film project to raise awareness for the endangered African Elephant.


Through his writing, coaching, facilitation, and instruction, Ron’s mission and purpose is to empower individuals to achieve and fulfill their life goals and dreams with peace of mind and effortless ease. He created his first novel “The Opening” which hit the Amazon Bestseller List in both Metaphysical and Visionary fiction within the first two months of publication.


Author of “Hey God Do You Have a Minute: Tweets from Teens”