The first Carlisle store was opened on Main Street Ashtabula in 1857 as Tyler and Carlisle. Lorenzo Tyler was the Father in Law of Henry Theodore Carlisle who in turn was the great-great grandfather of Lorenzo (Ren) Tyler Carlisle III, the present co-owner of Carlisle’s Home in the Harbor on Bridge Street.

Near the turn of the century, the Main Street store, now known as Carlisle and Tyler was closed and a new store was opened on Bridge Street, two building west of the present Carlisle’s store. The store was known as H.T. Carlisle and Son and it prospered during the Harbor Boom years. When the Boom went Bust early in the 20th century, Lorenzo Tyler Carlisle sold the Harbor store and opened a new store called The Carlisle Company back on Main Street. L.T. formed a partnership with Miles Allen and in 1927 the partners opened a grand three level store called Carlisle-Allen. Amongst other luxuries, the store offered the first elevator in Ashtabula. The store prospered and expanded to five stories and the company added branch stores after World War II in Warren and Painesville, Ohio.

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Wine of The Month

Playtime 2017 Blonde Chardonnay & 2017 Red Wine


2017 Playtime Blonde Chardonnay

Bright aromas of green apple, citrus and tropical fruits with light oak and sweet vanilla. Ripe tropical fruits, citrus, green apple, and mineral notes. Soft, creamy acids with a long, lingering, balanced finish.

Perfect with crab cakes and a lemon aioli, or grilled salmon with creamy risotto.

2017 Playtime Red Wine

An enticing red blend, with lush fruit flavors and a soft vanilla finish, Playtime is a wine of great substance from the acclaimed growing regions of Northern California. The label is a tribute to the Pinup Stars that were prevalent during World War II and were adorned on various military aircraft as they flew into battle. These pinups were an inspiration to enjoy life fully and return home safely to their loved ones.



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