//Mona B Handbags & Accessories

Mona B Handbags & Accessories

Prices range from $12.99 – $86



At Mona B, they believe in making a great product while helping the environment through sustainable business practices. Their founder and creative director, Mona Bhatia, is a dedicated, creative designer who is passionate about genuine style that doesn’t compromise when it comes to environmental impact.  The Mona B brand reflects Mona’s name and philosophy, and the company is built on her values: independence, adventure, and environmental responsibility. Grounding their style in Mona’s sensibilities, they strive to bring our customers a chic line that is equal parts affordable and practical while remaining true to our sustainable mission.

At its core, Mona B is a lifestyle brand committed to sustainability. When you shop with Mona B, you’re not just buying a product – you’re investing in eco-friendly fashion without compromising style. By practicing zero-waste manufacturing, they divert tons of post-consumer waste from the landfill each year, reducing pollution and conserving resources. Each season, they innovate new ways to bring high-quality products to customers while reducing their environmental footprint.